Customize Gold Plated Bar kit 7 Piece


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Elevate Your Mixology Game with Our Deluxe 7-Piece Customizable Bar Kit – Your Essential Tools for Crafting Perfect Cocktails and Unforgettable Moments.

Bar Tools include –

  1. Boston Shaker
  2. Hawthorne Strainer
  3. Jigger
  4. Bar Blade
  5. Bar Spoon 40cm Tear Drop
  6. Steel Muddler
  7. Fine Strainer

Note :- Customization Options Now Available on Select Essential Tools: Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger, Bar Blade, Steel Muddler, and Bar Spoon. Print type – Laser Engraving.

Please note that customization printing services are exclusively available for text-based designs. We offer the option to personalize your items with your desired text, font, and style to make them uniquely yours. However, please be aware that any customization involving logos, graphics, or non-text elements will incur an additional cost.

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